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In light of the same arguments we make for fake brands like fat donald cart one might think that copyright concerns would be applied to images of the US president. But in fact, there’s a bit of constitutional law that makes this allowable! “A government work is generally not subject to copyright in the U.S.” You can print the US flag or US seal on any old merchandise you want, which by extension covers public figures holding office.

In addition, the cartoon counts as a political satire, protected under the First Amendment. In this way, fat donald cart can be sold depicting the president, which you can find for any administration. Disclaimer: We are only showing these images to cement our point.
“Fat Donald” is a caricature of current US president Donald J. Trump. On cart packaging, he is depicted as a baby in a diaper puffing a vape. On cartridges, the same baby caricature is also engraved on the metal tip.

Futhermore, the  “brand” showed up as far back as a year ago. Their website offers only clothing and entices you to visit their social media channels “for exclusive deals we can’t show anywhere else.” Note the title on their website still says “Fat Donald Vapes.” Their Instagram hints at a bit more of the story, showing a bevy of models not only wearing the apparel, but all puffing vapor by coincidence.

the brand was created so sit down and get a blow .

Their store also has accessories like this beach pillow.


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