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Guava Gelato is a delicious hybrid strain that is globally recognized for its unique aroma and terpene profile. This showstopper is a rare phenotype of the original Gelato strain from Backpack Boyz and boasts many of the same potent effects. Guava Gelato’s flavor consists of fruity and pungent notes, with undertones of guava or citrus-like sweetness.

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Guava Gelato

Guava Gelato Strain by Backpack Boyz comes in two forms blue guava gelato and white guava gelato is a variation of the famous original Gelato strain from Backpack Boyz. It is a tremendously rare and popular phenotype of Gelato originally produced by Sherbinkski. Staying true to its Gelato heritage this strain is famous for its fruit and dessert-like aroma. Also, with parents like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, this strain produces a very balanced high although it is more Indica-leaning compared to the original Gelato.

Guava Gelato Effects

The Gelato lineage is known for its balanced cerebral and body high. White Guava Gelato by Backpack Boyz remains true to that fact except that leans towards the Indica-side when smoked. The THC content is quite high as it ranges from 20% to 25%, similar to the rest of its lineage. When smoking this strain, users will first feel the cerebral effects that will excite and stimulate the mind. Euphoria and happiness will overtake your mind. Furthermore, many experience spurts of creativity. Users will soon experience extreme relaxation, so do not be deceived by the common Sativa effects. Many heavy users prefer this strain as daytime smoke as the sedating effect do not hit them as hard. We recommend activities such as relaxing on the beach and gaming or just relaxing if you are a novice user.

Many patients use this strain to treat:

  1. Headaches
  2. Pains and Cramps
  3. Stress
  4. Inflammation

Users will experience dry mouth and eyes as the main side effect.

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

The buds of the Guava Gelato strain are defined by dark purple accents which are then illuminated by bright orange hairs and a frosty coat of crystal resin. The nugs usually range from medium to large-sized and are fairly dense in structure. The best thing about the Gelato lineage is its aroma and taste. The unique terpene profile of blue Guava Gelato is defined by mint-like and grapefruit-like scents with an undertone of tropical-like scents like coconut and pineapple. The smoke is also great as you can taste the unique terpene profile which each puff. Users report a very smooth smoke that will not irritate your lungs as much as other strains.


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